Spacedrum, 8 notes, 60cm, Low Hitzaz

Product no.: SD-608LH

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This Spacedrum® belongs with its 60cm (24'') diameter to the largest models.


  • Number of notes: 8
  • Tuning: Low Hitzaz  C3 G3G#3 B3 C4 D4 Eb4 G4
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 60 cm (24”)*
  • Height of top (dome): 13 cm (5”)*
  • Height of bottom: 8 cm (3”)*
  • Weight: 5,2 Kg
  • Removable rubber ring, used as a damper (to reduce the reverberation)
  • Inclusive wax and practical bag for storage and transport

* Please note: the top and the bottom sizes may vary slightly as each instrument is unique (hand made).

Price includes import costs to Germany, shipping from Germany and German warranty.

If your desired Spacedrum is not in stock... and instead a longer delivery time is specified, we offer the following payment alternatives:

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  • Payment in advance: 50% deposit on order, 50% before shipping.


Large Spacedrums

in comparison

It goes with 8, 9 or 13 notes according to the scale.

The large size of 60cm in diameter gives the 8 or 9-tone Spacedums a deep bass and unbelievable vibration.

13 notes handpan Spacedrum is the first and only instrument from the great family of the metal melodic percussions recently created to offer a complete chromatic scale! It’s no more necessary to purchase several models to get a chromatic scale. With its 13 notes and 24” diameter it opens really new horizons for musicians. The new generation has improved the overtones quality, by reducing the interferences. It also proposes a new layout: the 13 notes are set in a logical way, with 4 notes on the top (dome), and playing the chromatic Spacedrum requires a little mental gymnastics. 


How to play

The large Spacedrums can be played on a stand but can also be placed on your laps despite it’s a little less ergonomic than its smaller “brothers”. Discover the world of all possibilities! You can play alone or with other people, on your lap or on a stand, and even reverse it to enjoy the “Udu’s like sounds”. The Spacedrum can be rubbed with your hands, beaten with special sticks or just with your fingers. A complete freedom is offered to you in terms of technical game.

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