Soprano Tongue Drum, Padouk, 8 Tones

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Soprano Tongue Drum with 8 tones

  • tuning: pentat. F maj f-a‘
  • Sounding panel in padouk wood, corpus in pine wood
  • Size: 24 x 8 x 7.2 inch
  • accessories: Incl. 2 mallets


The classic soprano tongue drum is full-bodied in sound, compact and handy. It is played as a percussion-melody instrument by hand or with mallets. The exact pentatonic tuning of the "Profi-Line" Slit Drum makes it a mediator between rhythm and melody instrument.

The drum is intuitively playable and provides great playing fun!

We use Padouk because it has particularly good sound characteristics as tonewood. The selected and air-dried Padouk from Nigeria comes from controlled and certified logging. Certificate available on request.

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