Soundwave in padouk

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The low tones of the Tongue Drum can only be reproduced with a good speaker! The normal, simple speakers in laptops and cell phones are not designed for the low frequencies.


Soundwave in padouk

The Soundwave with ergonomic reclining area combines a Monochord with the deep sound of the Bass Tongue Drum.


  • 21 overtone strings in c
  • 15 bass strings in C
  • 4 extra thick bass strings in C

Bass Tongue Drum

  • with 4 tones in A, B, d, e

Corpus of beechwood, the sounding panels made of certified padoukwood

Overall dimension: 190 x 73 x 58 cm / 74.8'' x 29.2'' x 22.9''

Ergonomic reclining area: 135 x 62 cm / 53.1'' x 24.8''

Accessories: Including a mallet, tuning key, tuner, replacement strings & hygrometer.


More about the Soundwave

This unique instrument was invented by Ingo Böhme (feeltone products) in 2003. Since then it started its way around the world.

Like a boat surfing on waves of sound and vibration, the Soundwave is carrying you safe and secure on your journey. The combination of a 40 string monochord touching body and mind and a tongue drum with four deep, grounding tones opens up a new world for sound practioners.

The soundwave is used worldwide in many different settings. For meditation and well-being; including its power in diverse therapeutic treatments and clinical scientific studies.



Workshops in how to play sound massage:, website is in German only, but we can provide a translation or visit your Location if you organise a workshop. To really use our Monochords and sound objects in their highest potential Martina Glaeser-Boehme has developed the „feeltone monochord massage “, over the last ten years. She teaches this method with empathy and competence in germany in her practice Ma-Mer in Jasedow and worldwide.


Product Note Price
Overtone String for all Sound Waves Overtone String for all Sound Waves
2.59 € *
Bass String for all Sound Waves Bass String for all Sound Waves
7.79 € *
Bass String, extra thick, for all Sound Waves Bass String, extra thick, for all Sound Waves
7.79 € *
239.00 € *
Blanket for Soundwave / Monochord Table Blanket for Soundwave / Monochord Table
99.60 € *
Table for Soundwave Table for Soundwave
149.00 € *
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