Kigonki Plato Ulu

Kigonki Plato Ulu

Product no.: KIG-PL-UL
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On customer request - in different colors and tunings, in 440 Hz or 432 Hz

If you perfer a Kigonki, which we have not in stock, then you have the following choices:
(Compared to Kigonkis in stock, instruments on customer request are a bit more expensive)

  • You know exactly what color and tuning you want? Then you can tell us this at the end of the ordering process in the comments. Instruments that are manufactured according to customer requirements, have about 30-45 days delivery time.
  • Or contact us and we will gladly send you a list of the models currently in production. For instruments from this list, the delivery time is about 14 days.



The Kigonki is a metal tongue drum (also called Tank Drum or Hand Pan). The Model Plato Ulu is a medium size Hand Pan with 2 x 9 notes with a fine tuning. The doubling of the tones creates a spherical resonance. Kigonkis can be played persussiv as well as meditativ. The sound of this faszinating Melody-Percussion instrument with a tremendous sustain has a wonderful varnished and one of a kind surface. It makes a lot of fun to either play it with hands or with the included mallets. A strong attached rope gives you the opportunity to carry it easily in the room and swing it after playing a melody, or you can hang it in a stand. Three feet below allows you play it on a table.

  • 2 x 9 tones
  • Size: ∅ 38cm (15.2"), hight: 15cm (6'')
  • Wight: 4,3 kg
  • Inclusive handle, bag and 2 mallets



Please indicate in the comments at the end of the order process exactly what you need or write us an additional email to feeltone

  • Tuning
  • Color - because the color scheme is so complex, there may be slight color variations compared to the pictures.
  • Optional in 432 Hz. Unless otherwise stated, we assume international standard tuning in 440 Hz. 440 Hz we recommend to play well with other instruments together

Only after complete down payment, we give your order binding. That means the delivery time is understood only from receipt of payment.

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