Sparrow Hawk in A with beads*

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Odell Borg presents the flute with sound examples:

The Sparrow Hawk in A is one of the most popular Indian flutes from High Spirits and is made of aromatic cedar wood and delicate glass bead work. The colourful bead inlay lends the native flute artistic character and grace. Sparrow Hawk is the English name for sparrowhawk, the bird fetish is symbolically arranged according to the name.

The softer cedar wood (compared to walnut) gives it a warm, soft sound. The flute plays well together with the higher "Pocket Flute in A" and the lower "Contra Bass in A".

More general information about design, sound and playing technique

  • Mood: a'-Minor
  • Playable with 5 or 6 holes
  • length ca. 19", diameter 1.2"
  • In aromatic cedar wood, surface glossy, oiled
  • incl. manual and DVD (engl.)
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