Boehme music is feeltone now!

Boehme music is feeltone now!

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From November 2017 we will operate under the name "feeltone"

After a long announcement, the time has come: Sales and invoices to the wholesale trade will no longer take place under "Boehme music" but only under "feeltone".

Since 1982, Boehme music has been one of the leading companies in the research of sound phenomena. For years, we have pioneered the discovery, publication and dissemination of countless ethnological and intuitively playable instruments that until then were barely known in Europe.

With the merger step, we underline our new priorities: on the one hand the development and production of easy-to-use and aesthetic sound instruments and on the other the vision of health-promoting sound furniture for home and work true to our motto "feel the tone".

Besides the feeltone instruments our popular large tongue drums and gong stands of the brand "Boing" are still produced under this brand name in our house.

For your orders you will find in the future under "feeltone-shop" a new, attractive website with always up-to-date information.

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Your Ingo Böhme and the feeltone team