feeltone instruments

feeltone instruments

Group of different monochords by feeltone


  • Different tunings and sizes
  • Body monochords
  • Concert monochord
  • Variations
  • Practical accessories
Sound massage on a Sound Chair monchair by feeltone

Monochord Sound Furniture

  • Sensing the whole body
  • Sound Chairs
  • Monochord Sound Tables
  • Sound Waves
  • Mapipo - cot for children
Bass Tongue Drum by feeltone

Tongue drums

  • Different sizes available...
  • handy Tinka Tongs
  • XXL bass tongue drums
two Powwow Drums by feeltone

Drums & kits

  • Great Powwow drums
  • Shamanic drums
  • Kits and individual parts
  • Drum frames

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Special offers

  • Second choice instruments
  • Exhibits
  • Individual items / residual stock
forest xylophone with11 tones, in the meadow

Outdoor sound instruments

  • Robust & resistant
  • Singing Chair, Stele
  • Forest Xylophones