Sound instruments for intuitive play and sound massage
Handmade in Germany since 1982




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„feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy“

Short term intensive seminar in december 2019







Tinka Tong hold in one hand and played

Tinka Tongs

Picture Spacedrum and Kigonki

Hand Pans and Steeldrums
by Metal Sounds and by Kigonki

Picture with Native American Flute:Two Hawks in A by High Spirits

Native American Flutes
by High Spirits, USA
large selection!

Picture with one Sansula, one singing bowls and one Frog, jumbo. Categorie: Worldinstruments

World Instruments
Discover our collection of
intuitive music instruments
from all over the world

Categorie: Exhibits & second choice at special prices

Special Offers
Exhibits and second choice
at special prices!

Aplication: playing the monochord

For sound therapy and relaxation