Zenko Equinox

Zenko Equinox

Product no.: ZEN-EQUI

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Equinox, scale played with mallets

Equinox, scale played by hands

Equinox, small improvisation


The Zenko is a Metall Tongue Drum (also called Tank Drum oder Hand Pan). Year long research and experience designed this Melodie-Percussion Instrument made out of stainless steel. The surface is cooper colored.

The Zenko is rather percussiv, depending on your playing technique it can also be pretty spheric. You can play it by hands or with included sticks.

  • Tuning: 9 notes, G3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F#4 G4 B4 D5
  • Measures: diameter 32 cm (12.6"), height 13 cm (5.12")
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg (6.17 Lbs)
  • Accessories: Deluxe bag, Support ring, Pair of sticks
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