Double Eagle in F#, Walnut*

Double Eagle in F#, Walnut*

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Sound samples of the flute, presented by Odell Borg


This Double Golden Eagle-flute in f sharp is made in the style of the native american flutes. It has a soft and melancholic sound. Playable with 5 or 6 holes. Tuned in F# minor. Walnut wood, Length 24.8 ", Ø 1.2 ", incl. manual and DVD

The double flute has 2 pipes. One pipe is like a regular flute, the second pipe plays the ground pitch, that plays parallel. It sounds as there is a second flute playing.  Setup for 5 or 6 tones.


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Cloth Bag, leather look, for double flutes till 20"* Cloth Bag, leather look, for double flutes till 20"*
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