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feeltone is at home in Klein-Jasedow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Baltic Sea looking over onto the beautiful island of Usedom. Here Ingo Böhme and his wife  Martina-Gläser-Böhme do research, develop, design and produce the feeltone instruments together with a wondeful team . Ingo Böhme takes care of the research, developmet, design and production. Martina Gläser-Böhme gives workshops, teachings and introductions to the feeltone sound massage. The team produces the instruments, do the office work and the marketing.

feeltone instruments are produced in small series or as single pieces with caring craftsmenship and modern technology. In close cooperation with sound workers we develop concepts for professional sound healing work and teach different techniques of sound massage and creative work with natural acoustic instruments.

feeltone is motivated by the vision that sound becomes accepted worldwide as an intuitive source that can support the healing process of people and planet. Sound can support personal development and lifelong learning as well as the different health care systems in the world. We wish to help rediscover sound as a wonderful tool to live the "good life" and to support community development in an intuitive way. Our comittment is to develop and research acoustical instruments and to share our knowledge with people and institutions.


Yours soundful Ingo Böhme and the feeltone team




Address: feeltone, Am Sonnenacker 2, 17440 Lassan, Germany
We are not easy to be found, but if you find us, you will love it

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