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feeltone - California

Bay Area CA

Phone or email for directions and appointments we always have some of the Body Monochords in stock So you can play & experience

San Diego, CA

Monochord table, Body Monochords, Bo Nielsen Center for Vibrant Health and Wellness 283 S. Escondido Blvd. Escondido CA 92025 call for an appointment:


feeltone - certified Monochord Level I teacher & opportunity to try out feeltone instruments

Miami FL - Vanessa Cisneros

Monochord Table, Meditation Monochord, Therapy Body Monochord, Sound & Color Therapy with Vanessa Cisneros

New York, NY - Sounding Circles - Joule L‘adara

Joule L‘Adara Body Monochord, Concert Monochords, Monochord skype sessions. Joule currently offers one-on-one Sound Healing sessions at the New York Open Center in Midtown, Manhattan, and at Integral Yoga Institute's Wellness Spa on West 13th Street.

For appointment inquiries


Monolini/Monlina Skype Training available 30min/60min ongoing trainings with Joule

Joule will provide new Feeltone Monochord users with basic tips on how to play, care for and maintain your Feeltone Monochord. If you would like to learn more, Joule will provide specific tips on how to tune your instrument in different ways in order to bring about different kinds of therapeutic effects, as well as instruction on how to use monochords as a healing modality and incorporate them into your own specific practice whether it is as a professional practitioner, performer, or for personal use.


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Instructions and education for our monochords and sound sculptures for soundmassage, please contact also my wife Martina Glaeser-Boehme


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