Sound Dolphin for children

Mapipo little children's cot

MAPIPO the Singing Dolphin gives you 3 instruments in one for music, play and relaxation.

It is special interactive feeltone music instrument for children age 0-4* that can be used in many settings, preschool, kindergarten, Music Therapy, private praxis and at home.

With an easy to play Monolini monochord and 2 Kalimbas the Singing Dolphin invites you to a joyfull journey through the ocean of sound. MAPIPO inspires you to dream, relax, to play and to make music together.

Intuitivly and without musical knowledge playable.

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Mapipo the Singing Dolphin

Product no.: KLW-DEL

  • Children bed up to age of 4
  • With 2 Kalimbas & Monolini
  • Light maple wood
  • size 51.2 x 19.7 x 20.7"


1,698.00 *
Manufactured from within 30 - 60 days

Sky/Zoom Training in English, 30 minutes

Product no.: MO-TR-SKY

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Delivery within 3 working days
(longer delivery times outside Germany)
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