Travel with sound - let sound carry you to undisovered countries. Our intuitively operated instruments bring you in no time at all into new landscapes and dimensions, completely without side effects or jet lag and even environmentally friendly, sustainable and repeatable at any time. - Everyone can fly, but travelling with sounds?!? - Just start playing and let the sound guide you. You will be amazed. You can even invite loads of fellow travelers for free or even become a professional travel guide.















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Picture Spacedrum and Kigonki


Hand Pans and Steeldrums
by Metal Sounds and by Kigonki

Picture with Native American Flute:Two Hawks in A by High Spirits


Native American Flutes
by High Spirits, USA
large selection!

Picture with one Sansula, one singing bowls and one Frog, jumbo. Categorie: Worldinstruments


World Instruments
Discover our collection of
intuitive music instruments
from all over the world

Categorie: Exhibits & second choice at special prices


Special Offers
Exhibits and second choice
at special prices!